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Homescapes Cheats – Coins and Stars Guide

You will need Homescapes Hacks and Cheats to use unlimited coins and stars in your gameplay and unlock all the rooms in the villa. This Homescapes coin generator is very useful for you if you want to get free coins in Homescapes in just 2 minutes.

Homescapes Coins & Stars Generator

With this latest updated Tool Homescapes Hacks, you can unlock all hard levels, Homescapes levels 24, 37, 45, 75, 119, 130, and over 500 levels of play. But before we go into this topic, do we want to understand which game is Homescapes and how it was created?

With this latest updated Tool Homescapes Hacks, you can unlock all hard levels, Homescapes levels 24, 37, 45, 75, 119, 130, and over 500 levels of play. But before we go into this topic, do we want to understand which game is Homescapes and how it was created?

We all probably knew about Playrix Games famous Gardenscapes New Acres mobile game. In this game, there is a game character, called Austin the Butler; Our job is to help him to decorate the garden. The garden is very close to Austin and its former landowner. As a new landowner, our job is to provide Austin with everything needed to decorate the garden to its former glory. Since the start of the game Gardenscapes has become very famous in a short time. This is because he has a unique concept for the user to follow the game in the game, as well as solve the 3rd match puzzle to continue in the game. After its launch, the game became so famous that Gardenscapes was voted “Best Game on Facebook for 2016” in 2016.

Playrix found the potential in these types of games and immediately started working on his project. It was sometimes called Gardenscapes by two other people, and later a new game was released from Playrix’s Homescapes factory.

Homescapes is another part of the Gardenscapes game where everything is almost the same as the Gardenscapes game, but the only big difference in this new game was: instead of the garden, we now have a huge villa for repairs with the help of Austin.

Below is Homescapes Coins And Stars Online Generator Guide. It’s just a working real guide you’ll need to get Homescapes coins and stars free.

Repair the furniture of Homescapes and other villas with new accessories. At the mansion, Austin lives with his mother and father. Since he has been busy decorating the garden for his landlord for so long, his old mansion remains unchanged for years. But now he returned from his job and wanted to spend some time with his parents. So, let’s help Austin by decorating his villa with the same concept.

Like Gardenscapes, you also have to collect stars to complete tasks in the game. You also have coins as a currency in the game to invest in necessary things, such as extra lives for your jigsaw puzzles, extra steps to solve them, or just fix any things that decorate you in the past. In short, stars and coins are very important if you need to enjoy the insurmountable Homescapes experience. But when it comes to taking them out of the game, they are too expensive for us. In fact, you can not even buy stars like coins in the game. Here comes our Homescapes Hacks without coin generator for a survey to help you with this.

Unlike other online scam tools, our Homescapes Cheats generator is best tested without human verification and is the only 100% working coin validator on the internet today. Our Homescapes Cheats will not only produce coins but also gives you unlimited stars for Homescapes for free.

More about Homescapes Hacks and Cheats tools

No matter how many coins and stars you need in your game, our real Homescapes Cheats and Hacks will help you get rid of the shortage of coins and stars right away. This Homescapes Android Hacks is a self-learning online generator that is easy to understand and works for those who do not have intensive software knowledge.

Homescapes mod apk Hacks is the only way to get unlimited stars and coins without being caught by anyone. And you know which is the best part of this coin generator Homescapes, it’s completely free to use.

There are also many legitimate ways to get coins in the game instantly. In addition to Homescapes Hacks tools, you can get some of the best tips and Cheats for the Homescapes game below.

Beginners Tips and Cheats for the game Homescapes

In Homescapes games, there are often more puzzle games and fewer decorations in the game. But for some reason, we all have to play both game processes to get ahead in the game. Below are the best tips and best practices for using in your gameplay for best results.

  1. Beat More Match 3 Logical Games:

When it comes to collecting a large number of stars without using a Homescapes star generator, we can only focus on our 3-level match and beat and the 3 levels we can. If you play level 3, you will receive 1 star and sometimes 2 stars if the puzzles are very difficult. To unlock a new room, you need to complete at least 40-50 tasks in your room. Therefore, it is better to beat at least 50 coincidences from 3 levels and first collect 50 stars and then use them in their tasks and unlock a new room in Homescapes in just 1 hour.

  1. Save the boosters:

Only use accelerators when they are needed, and you can not beat hard levels with powerups. Accelerators are only paid versions of bonuses with some changes and nothing more. If you can save your accelerators, they can be saved as a last resort to solve difficult level 3 matches in your game. This technique of storing accelerators for hard levels saves a lot of life and time in the game.

  1. Collect coins and boosters for the day:

When you finish your day in the game, you can get many rewards like free coins and game boosters. Check your “task completion level” (displayed in the lower left tab of your task list). Here you can track your daily statistics of the tasks you have done so far in the game. By completing this daily task progress bar, you will gain many rewards for free coins and boosters in the game.

In order to progress quickly in the game levels, you should follow the tips of the game Homescapes, which are very useful if you do not want to spend your rake in the game and you just want to play it for free. Keep in mind that the 3 levels of the game are at the heart of this game and that to play smoothly, you must beat the levels and win the stars to complete the tasks of the game.

There’s also a time when we do not want to beat boring game levels anymore and just want stars and free plays without beating these endless, endless puzzles.

In this situation, you can not do anything in the game and slowly, your interest in the game starts to fall back automatically.

But what if you still want to play stars and free coins?

Then the only way to use the Homescapes Hacks Apk online resource generator.

How does it work Homescapes Hacks Cheat Online Work?

It’s obvious to you to wonder how these guys are so convinced of their Homescapes iOS Hacks and how does it really work?

But let me say one thing: no one is 100% perfect in their work, and there are gaps left by someone doing something in this world. We too are entering the same category of imperfection.

We did a lot of scripting and programming by creating a Homescapes online parts and stars generator. But no one knows how many times we failed before creating the script that could clone exactly the game’s resource code.

It’s no different than creating the same codes that can clone your real resources in the game with an unlimited amount in your account. Those who are not technical must understand this in the same way that we understand the universe.

How to use Homescapes Hacks and the resource generator?

It is very convenient and easy to use the coin and star generator for game Homescapes. Simply follow the detailed instructions below to get coins and stars in the game in a few simple steps.

Is it useful to use tool Homescapes Hacks?

Online mobile gaming has been introduced in a more professional way since the concept of the freemium game in this area. Freemium Gaming allows game developers to test their creations and improve their games to compete with the biggest gaming giants, such as E.A. and others.

In freemium games, the user automatically becomes dependent on a free game and if he wants to move from the free state to the paid state of the game, he must pay it in the form of resources and money . Game currency games. To know Here are the parts of the game Homescapes.

But now, changes take shape, in the form of our creators, who can create such encoding that offers the user unlimited game resources that do not have enough money to invest in the game.

But our tools can not be directly accessible to the public because they harm the public opinion of many people. That’s why we try to hide it to the greatest number. But the reality is that users like you can somehow find us simply because they have free online resources.

We know it’s very complicated, but in the end you can count on tool Homescapes Hacks and use it to instantly generate your own parts and stars.

Unknown characteristics of the last generator Homescapes Cheats and Hacks

This Homescapes online spare parts generator is more efficient than any other you can find on the internet today.

Generator can instantly generate countless coins and stars for your gaming account.

This tool saves a lot of time on level 3 and gains unique stars for a long time.

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♣ Easy to use and understand thanks to its user-friendly interface.

♣ Unlock each room in the villa without defeating Match 3 with the Auto Upgrade feature.

♣ Start your resource generation today and experience the truth in front of your eyes.

Should I use this Homescapes Hacks?

You still can not decide if you use it or not …?

Let us then see some facts.

This online resource generator is 100% safe to use. And there is nothing like the malware or viruses that you will find in this tool.

For your information, we do not want you to download this tool or anything in connection with this tool on your mobile devices. Whatever the process will be, it will only happen on our secure servers. That way, we do not even use the bandwidth of your device to generate your account resources.

If you do not use our service, how can you say that it does not work for you? To test this, you have to do it for yourself.

So do not waste a lot of time reading this and taking no action to get Homescapes free coins and stars, go ahead and try this tool today. Who knows, tomorrow it will be banned because there is a lot going on in Google today.

Homescapes Review – All the latest tips Homescapes, Cheats, instructions and more!

Homescapes is an interesting online game that can be enjoyed with your family. It’s a puzzle-based game in which you have to help Austin remodel his house so that his parents are impressed by the new look of the house and do not sell it. Austin will assign you some tasks as a puzzle. Are you ready to help Austin with his mission?

Simple gameplay:

In each level of the game you have to solve a puzzle to complete the task. Some of the tasks you need to do are cleaning the room, changing the sofas, etc. The puzzle must have several elements. If you compare them well, you will earn coins in the game as coins.

By combining parts in a certain way, you can even train power-ups. You will read more about this later in this article. Once you’ve finished solving the puzzle, you’ll earn stars as a reward. You can use these stars to perform the task assigned to you at the beginning of the level.

Currencies in the game:


To renovate Austin’s house, you need to buy several furniture and decorative items. All these items can be bought with coins. Whenever you want to exchange or exchange furniture, you have to spend coins. There may be situations where all your life or heart is over. At this time, you can buy a life by spending 900 pieces. You can also buy boosters and extra moves with coins. In short, coins are a staple in the game and without them you will not be able to continue in the game, which is why some people use Homescapes Cheats.

The easiest way to win coins is to play regularly. Each time you finish a day in the game, you receive 1,000 coins as a reward. You can even buy multiple coins by earning them as rewards for watching advertorial videos, matching titles on the grid, recording moves that have been converted to power-ups, and more. Since coins are an important currency, most players are far from it. The best way to solve your monetary problems is to use Homescapes Cheats to buy unlimited coins.


If you want to upgrade Austin’s home and beautify it with quality furnishings, you must spend stars. You will also need stars to attend level 3 and complete the tricky tasks that have been assigned to you. Since stars are the special currency of the game, it is not easy to win them. Each time you complete a level in the game, you receive a star that unlocks the next level. When you finish a level in the number of moves you draw, you earn stars as a reward. Stars can also be bought with real money or other players choose a simpler alternative such as Homescapes Hacks.


Each time you place more than three pieces on the grid, you will receive a power-up. There are different types of bonuses that can be purchased in the game: depending on the format in which you found the coins, you will receive a power-up. A power-up is a special resource that can be used to improve gameplay. The power-ups will enable you to succeed quickly as they will help destroy multiple pieces of the grid. Below is a brief introduction to various power-ups:

Rainbow Power-Up:

The method of obtaining a rainbow power-up is to match five parts in a straight line, horizontal or vertical. With the Power-Up of Rainbow you can shave every part of the grid with the same color. This is the best power-up to destroy all grids with identical colors.

Starting the paper plan:

You can activate Paper Plane by joining four parts in a square. This will help you to destroy four adjacent pieces and stop on another piece of the same color. This will make your game easier because the part where the boot up ends is usually the one that needs to be removed.

Starting the rocket:

You can turn Rocket on by matching four parts in one column or row. This turn-on can be used to pull all parts in a particular line horizontally or vertically on the grid in both directions. It’s a perfect power-up that can break entire lines.

Stimulating the bomb:

You can earn a bomb bonus by matching five pieces by creating a “T” or “L” shape. This power-up can be used to cause an explosion in a huge area. It is recommended to use the power-up in the middle of the grid to shave several parts.

Find friends:

Friends can be very useful, so make friends as much as possible by connecting your game to social networking sites. Send invitations to others on Facebook so they can assist you in your game. Your friends can help you when you need them most because they can regenerate hearts faster. Hearts are special elements of the game that are required to progress in the game. As you know, you will find many puzzles in the game. When you play a puzzle, you lose a heart. The heart can be acquired while waiting to regenerate.

If you do not want to waste your time, ask your friends to help you by regenerating hearts for you. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to enjoy your game without interruption. Another benefit of having friends is that they can help change your home. However, you must reciprocate by helping them when they need it most.

In summary, Homescapes is a perfect game to spend your free time. Although it may seem easy; But as you progress, the puzzles will get harder. So, play strategically and make Austin happy by fulfilling all its tasks. Happy game! Also read our comments to find useful information!

Homescapes Hacks iOS Free Coins & Stars in Homescapes

Homescapes is a good game to relax and have fun. This is an amazing online game developed by Playrix Games. They are also the popular game Gardenscape created. Maybe you can see this game in the Google Store. You can find 5 puzzles where you need them. And you know what if you play at Homescapes. You have to pass all levels and collect coins and stars or you can easily Homescapes Hacks. Use many things in this game. Some levels also hard in gifts.

If you play first, you will find that Austion will renovate and help you. The game can be fun when playing with your parents or any age. The beginning of the game seems easy, but new steps can be very difficult. For this reason, you should use coins and stars to increase your level. Also, Homescapes Hacks completely useful to do. In general, this game is absolutely funny. Overall, Homescapes is an addictive online game that lets you stay on screen more often. All people in the series and in old age love to play. When people play Homescapes, they feel many emotions.

Homescapes Hacks Why so important?

Why Homescapes is a really attractive game to play? Read below to create a real dream home on Homescapes Game.

  • In general, the best thing to do is to add your Facebook friends so they can help you and make you progress quickly.
  • Secondly, our Homescapes Hacks tool of high quality and highest quality
  • Power is very strong and fast for games. You must be careful when using the power-up together, they usually multiply 4. You can use it at any time.
  • Some boosters are really strong. You can buy in the game. If you use ios or android, there is no difference to buy something.
  • You can turn on the bomb, but we think you should wait for another bonus to win. Like I said, you can keep the level and it will be crazy about you. Because some levels really can not reach. But if you have stars, you can do anything.
  • Turning on the paper level is very fast and efficient, by matching the really necessary actions. It automatically flies to your next object.
  • The Power-Up Rainbow Ball is different for others. It’s a real and better power-up in the game that you can use to win.
  • The decoration department is really interior designer.
  • If the users of this Hacks are actually now Homescapes Hacks, they are real and working for all users.

game objects

When you play this game for the first time, you can really see these six objects. They are cups, books, buttons, lamps, flies and teapots. Some objects change as you level up. The new object will be cherries, jellies, bomb etc.

Turn on:

Many people know that three-game games are in play, but we suggest bringing 4 or 5 players together. Turning on the power is the key to increasing the level. If you receive match 4 or 5, the action is overrated. There are really many ways to combine it. Most of the time you can get a bomb, steal, etc.


If you have free coins, you can reach all stages of this game, so you really win new levels. It is therefore very important to increase the level Homescapes Hacks.


And it’s a real and important part, as they are really important. Yo can get alot of them by using homescapes hack.

The tasks:

The game has many tasks, the real task is to crack and decorate the house. If you change carpets, change furniture, etc., you can do and win tasks. Other objects are needed, like the rocket, the bomb.


If you still like Homescapes, some should be proud of our gaming skills: Keep playing and enjoy our work tool Homescapes Hacks!

Absolute tips and tricks to complete Homescapes levels

The game Homescpae is one of the most played games in the virtual market. It offers a variety of features, stunning graphics and many other things that you can use to have fun in the leisure slots. Usually, the game is based on the sharing of parts and has to do different levels. At the beginning of the game, players must help Austin decorate the villa by combining and exchanging coins. More importantly, it’s available for iOS and Android apps. In fact, you can just install the Homescape games apps from Apple and Google App Store.

In addition, it is a captivating virtual world that offers innovative booster and explosive combination possibilities. If you are just a beginner, it is advisable to gather enough information to reach the pinnacle of the game, but some have difficulty crossing certain levels and navigating for a long time. If you are one of them, read the tips and tricks below. This is practical and simple information that helps users overcome problems with ease.

• First, there are only a few interesting memorabilia that can be bought in the game shop with real money. Mainly it is used to clear the scene by activating such a special movement during the game.

• How do I activate the bomb? Well, players need to double-click on the bomb’s energy icon. In addition, players can create many bombs by exceeding a certain level.

• Players must throw power-ups to place the mat on a large area. An easy way to use power-ups is to double-click them.

• At level 8, users see locked rooms that you can switch off by exchanging and exchanging correspondence.

• It is recommended to play cautiously, because if players lose a life, they must restart the level.

• Players have a total of 5 lives. If you miss them, players need to wait a few moments to regenerate their lives. Conversely, players can generate this amount immediately by spending real money.

• The central point of the game is to complete the different phases and to gain resources in the game, then you can use these currencies in the game to reach the highest point of the game.

• You can also use hard-earned money against certain game items and resources as some players can not reach them in sufficient quantities. It is therefore best for them to easily acquire a large amount of currency. You can also use Homescapes Cheats mentioned in the comment section.

Homescapes – Quick Start Guide for Renovation and Propellant

The Homescapes is a Playrix studio game that offers unique features and vivid graphics. The wide availability due to its presence in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store makes it more popular. You’ve heard that many people say that simplicity is the basic concept, so it really means. Well, power-ups and easy-to-perfect steps are called simple. But do you know that there are advanced features like boosters and special tiles? Yes, they are and they offer you the advantage of being the best player by following them.

Ignore the renovation to gain more

Spend the currency wisely on most smartphone games, and this is pretty much the same for this mobile title. You can skip the renovation and this is very useful, because if you do, you can save this time for more games. To continue playing and finish the levels means a larger number of currencies. It’s a good option, but it has a drawback. You can still do the renovations, but you will have a lot of problems lately because of missing events. Yes, events will not be opened before the renovation. This can be bad news for those who like to renovate, but it’s still worth trying.


Most people think that boosters and power-ups are pretty similar, but they do not mix things up. Yes, it is true that you can get rid of all the problems with booster, but how it works and how you can get more. Well, a memory can be obtained through special events, and these are rare, which means you have to spend too much time getting them. Hammer is the first to release any booster after playing a few initial levels, where he is able to remove a single tile from the board.

Hammer can be unlocked after level 8, but if you’re looking for another memory, the story is different. They open wide. Yes, you have to finish level 14 to open the rocket and the bomb. Both bonuses are randomly placed, but it helps a lot because you can erase many tiles at once. It will be better to use them. Finally, the rainbow ball opens and opens at level 16. The paper level is the only one and the most powerful, so you have to reach level 20 to get it.

 A complete guide to coins and stars

Did you play at Homescapes or just a beginner? Yes, there is a good chance that you have found many interactive facts about the game: Austin’s incredible story, easy to play with puzzle and live graphic design, is unique with multiplatform availability. A unique game rule, but that does not mean every single game has a good interface, features and gameplay. Here Homescapes provides a simple and user-friendly interface with an interesting factor for resource gains. There are two currencies in this game and both can be won by different methods. This guide will help you to get resources and to work properly.

How do you get coins and stars?

As you understand, the idea is that the coin is of the utmost importance, while the star is the premium currency. Both can be easily earned, but get the right attention. There are many methods and the following data will be of great help.

  • Complete Puzzles: If you play on one of the levels and complete the given task to solve the puzzle, both currencies will be provided. It offers you matching coins and stars by completing the levels. Try to complete the maximum number of puzzles to solve all problems with ease.
  • Monitor the Daily Task: Many events can be triggered by the renewal and you can play these events to gain more. The amazing fact about the game is that you can easily run almost any event and earn a lot of money without much effort.
  • Purchases: Players who can not earn resources and are prepared to grow can rely on the call option, but have to spend real money on it. The developers offer many packages, but it is better to use the first and avoid this method as much as possible.

These are methods that offer more money and are reliable because of their simplicity and advantages. If you listen to the opinions of the experts, it is easy to see that they have used the above basic methods. With Homescapes Cheats: You can review the comments and you’ll find some amazing Cheats here.

You too should focus on the goal, making it easier to solve and win three puzzles. Power-ups are handy and you have to rely on them to get more benefits and easier to win.


Players playing Homescape puzzles may find their job boring and skip renovations. Yes, you can do it and lately it is better to renovate the house immediately. This method is faster and gives much more sensations than anything else. Make sure you spend your time solving more puzzles and that for this reason you will not get any new events. The events are related to the renovation and may be triggered by issuing foreign currency for decoration and renovation.

Power Ups and Benefits

Homescapes dominates with its impressive graphics and its gameplay certainly the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Simplicity is behind popularity, while you can easily find interactive features that increase its popularity. This is a game with three pieces. So if you want to be the best player, be sure to reach the maximum number of stones in a limited number of moves. On the other hand, you can use power-ups. These are important factors and these can certainly help to win.

Here we pour the light :

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper airplane
  • rainbow ball

These are four types of power-ups offered by the developers, and you can get extreme benefits from them. Basically, you have to assign 4 or more tiles to get them. And one particular order also helps you to get another one.

Rocket Power Up

You can easily get a rocket by matching four similar tiles, and the main advantage is that you can easily lower the number of tiles horizontally or vertically. It depends on the situation you have created. However, you should check the entire row, as it might be doing another power-up or tile-leveling. Use it wisely and solve almost any problem.


Bomb is the best power-up that can be easily created and offers many benefits. You can create it by mapping 5 tiles, but it must have a specific shape. Yes, you must make L with 5 cards and destroy all tiles within a radius of two squares. It is easy to use, but also a point too late. If you use bomb near the wall, it is impossible to get the full benefit and you have to look for an alternative.

Paper airplane

It’s a unique kind of power-up and you can rarely find it because you can not easily generate that power. If you manage to combine four identical tiles in a square format, getting a paper plane is easy and you can make huge gains with its capabilities. You can remove all the tiles in the square model, and not only that, the plane flies to another tile and destroys it. Given the number of tiles destroyed, you can move forward and make easy progress.

Rainbow ball

This is the last kind of powerup and it can destroy all tiles of the same color. Just slide a rainbow ball with the color you want to choose and it will do the job. You can create it by assigning five tiles in the row or column for easy and quick win.

Hopefully this guide will help you make faster progress in this game and make it easier to win. It’s easy to go through this method and you can be the best player.

Everything about Homescapes

Homescapes is the mobile title of the proposed Playrix games for Android and iOS, where unique features and interactive features make it an advanced game. The previous launch of Playrix, Gardenscapes, has been a great success and now they are back with a similar concept and features. This can be downloaded for free with the in-app purchase option.


There are two currencies of this game, the first is primary and is called coins. The second currency is premium and is called a star. Both are important in progression and if you want to be the best player, it is important to gain more. Different methods are useful, but the simplest method is to perform daily tasks.


The game is completely based on the story of Austin, the butler. Their parents are worried about the house of old childhood because they want to sell it because it is old and bad. Austin, however, does not want to lose it, because he has many valuable memories at home. It’s such a heartbreaking moment for him.

Here’s your role, how to make enough money and renovate the house. This can be difficult at first, but you can do it easily by earning more currency from three puzzle games. If you’re doing well, Austin’s parents will be worried about childhood again. She can surely change her mind and Austin can stay happy.

About freemium

Homescapes has a lot more popularity than any other game in every way. The reason for the popularity is simplicity and ease of use. The rating for this game is 4.6 stars in the Google Play Store and 4.4 stars in the Apple App Store. The game is also available in the Amazon App Store. However, the rating of this game on Facebook is 4.6 stars. These factors may encourage you to download this freemium and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

What is interactive?

There are many features that make this game interactive and here we list the important things that make this game popular around the world.

  • Complete the unique gameplay as any other puzzle game.
  • Create a beautiful interior design and create better looks.
  • All matches end in Match 3 and offer many features.
  • Fantastic characters to make it better and more impressive.
  • Connect your Facebook account and find friends playing at Homescapes.

You can renovate a beautiful house and it’s easy too. Make sure you focus on the right method, otherwise you may have problems recently. Various tips and tricks are available online to help you continue your development.

Rules to play the game easily

Homescapes is an exciting and entertaining online game developed with elegance by Playrix games. The game is usually based on the kind of puzzle Match 3, where the goal of the players is to empty each level. It offers vibrant graphics, a variety of modes, exciting gameplay and more. The game’s story is primarily that players must support the Austin Butler to renovate goons. To make the gameplay more exciting, some addictive and new features have been added.

In addition, the item is offered in the form of the unique booster and hot-top suit. More importantly, the start of the game may seem comfortable, but as the level improves, so will the difficulty. So, do not miss the chance and download the game apps now. The Homescapes game app is available on iOS and Android platforms, which you can access from your app store on the device. To learn more about the game, see Guide Homescapes. If not, scroll down and learn some basic knowledge of this innovative game.

Equipment of the game:

At the beginning of the game, users will encounter some objects, i. H. Lamps, cups, buttons, ties and more. You must reach, collect these objects to reach the pinnacle of the game with ease. As the level increases, players can also access other items such as cherries, jellies and more.


This is the main resource of the game, which helps players perform various tasks. How to win coins Well, it is very convenient to win coins. Once you complete a level or match, you will receive a certain amount of coins as a reward. With coin support, you can buy trains during the game if you miss them.


This is the premium currency that can be gained by completing various levels of the game or by using a Type Homescapes Cheats. Once the player has correctly assigned the coins, he can receive the bonuses. It allows users to skip the hard part of a game without having to worry about anything. Even more important is to use it wisely. Otherwise you will be disappointed in the end.


To add flavor, players will be able to get rid of the unique powers. Try to combine square pieces that help the user with diced paper to overcome obstacles. However, to unlock the most powerful power-ups, you must create a rainbow ball by combining the 5 pieces of the line.


At the highest level of the game, users can unlock different types of boosters. Few boosters can be brought in by real money. This is one of the features that helps players get rid of trouble without much effort. If you have not heard of it yet, try becoming the best player in the world. For example, the hammer booster, with which you can break tiles. It supports all delete tiles you want without losing a shot.

Tips and tricks for success in Homescapes

It is true that the popularity of the game greatly improves Homescpaes. In the recent past it has gained a lot of popularity and has attracted more than millions of users. To encourage users, game developers, namely, Playrix games, have added many features. For this reason, players have to overcome many complications to complete the phase. If you are one of them, you do not need to worry. Here are Homescapes tips and advice to help you succeed.

First, the game is based on the kind of puzzle in which players have to bring together several pieces to clear the level. Basically, the gameplay is to help Austin, the butler, decorate the villa properly. There are many types of items available that will surely keep you there for a long time. Features are offered in the form of boosters and power-up combos. This game is very interesting and innovative, if you have not heard of this game, download it now. It is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Learn some effective tips to get the win

Below are some effective and efficient tips for reaching the peak with ease. Tips and tricks are:

  • Players can invite their Facebook friends to create a comfortable gaming environment.
  • In order to survive in the game, players must earn the resources of the game. The currencies of the game are available as coins and stars.
  • Coins are the main or main resource of the game, which allows you to buy most of the items in the game.
  • Items in the game are one of the sources that help players become the best players in the world. It comes in the form of lamps, cups, cherries, jellies and many other interesting things.
  • The special currency of the game are the stars that can be used mainly to receive the bonus. It also helps users to speed up the progress.
  • How do you win stars and coins? Well, it’s not hard to get resources in the game, you have to follow the basic method suggested by the developers. This accomplishes the different phases and wins the victory easily.
  • You can access different tasks, such as: For example, clean the room, change furniture and much more. To accomplish the tasks, players need to collect items such as cups, books, etc.
  • Boosters are one of the best options for users to customize rooms easily. If you have a problem, use the booster and overcome it without wasting time.
  • The game allows players to spend real money on bonuses and endless bonuses. Try this technique now and become the best user without much effort.


Homescape is an online game that can be enjoyed at leisure intervals. It is not important to reach all available levels in one day. So, keep playing and enjoy this exciting game. If you are facing complications, read the above information to easily win.

Overall, Homescpae is the best source to fight boredom at leisure. When you play the game for the first time, you have to learn a lot before you start. So, scroll up and read the tips and Homescapes tips mentioned above to achieve success easily, if you need something more, you can also search Homescapes Hacks Cheats. Hopefully, the information available will help you reach the pinnacle of the game by completing each step. Take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the game. Playrix always amazes us with impressive mobile games and while you’re ready to play a unique game, easy to play and a simple interface, no one is better than Homescapes. You have to try it and be the winner by focusing on three similar stones. Certainly no other game is the best, as if you want to play for a short burst. Most players focus on puzzles rather than renovations, but if they want to have fun, there is nothing better than playing all the modes. On the other hand, it’s best to try in-app purchases, if necessary. Some websites encourage you to use their programs, and they claim that you get endless rewards, but that’s not true. Although this can be harmful, you must avoid these issues and eliminate all gameplay issues: Play at maximum levels and win to earn resources. Even reasonable expenses are a good option. The enthusiasm of the game Homescpes increases dramatically.

Homescapes Coins & Stars Generator

To make the gameplay even more exciting, the developers add more flavors in the form of exclusive elements. For this reason, it is also recommended that you no longer use real money. Otherwise you will end up wasting it. In summary, you do not have to worry if you do not exceed a level. Just read the above information and get the victory.

Homescapes level 3007 HD

homescapes how many levels

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Playlist – Homescapes levels 3000 – 4000 –

Playlist – Homescapes levels from 1000 –

Playlist – Homescapes 1 – 1000 levels –

Playlist – Homescapes Gameplay Story / Выполнение заданий –

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Playlist – Homescapes levels 3000 – 4000 –

Playlist – Homescapes levels from 1000 –

Playlist – Homescapes 1 – 1000 levels –

Playlist – Homescapes Gameplay Story / Выполнение заданий –

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Playlist – Homescapes levels 3000 – 4000 –

Playlist – Homescapes levels from 1000 –

Playlist – Homescapes 1 – 1000 levels –

Playlist – Homescapes Gameplay Story / Выполнение заданий –

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Playlist – Homescapes levels 3000 – 4000 –

Playlist – Homescapes levels from 1000 –

Playlist – Homescapes 1 – 1000 levels –

Playlist – Homescapes Gameplay Story / Выполнение заданий –

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